Out-Of-Control Motorcycle Kills Corner Marshal At Florida Track Day

Veteran corner worker Robert Hoffstetter was struck by an out of control Yamaha R1 at a Florida Track Days event on Sunday at Palm Beach International Raceway, according to reports. Hoffstetter was transported via helicopter to St. Mary's Medical Center in nearby West Palm Beach, but he passed away from the injuries… » 12/30/14 4:48pm 12/30/14 4:48pm

I drove a B-Spec Mazda2 and you won't believe what happens next!

Remember the dream of the Grand Am B-Spec series? The best and brightest econoboxes, stripped and caged and ready to rock? Well, that died. The series was shut down after its debut in 2012, but the prepped race cars found their way to enthusiasts, where there's actually been grassroots efforts to get them racing once… » 7/07/14 11:41am 7/07/14 11:41am

How Jalopnik Helped Me Choose A Ferrari For A Track Day

"Fast Fast FAST. Loud. Fast loud fast fast. Slower. SLOWER! STILL REALLY FAST! TURN TURN! Fast FAST FAAAAAAAAST!!!" That's about all that my brain could muster after my first lap at the Talladega Gran (sic) Prix. And I have my wife and Jalopnik to thank for it. » 3/24/13 2:26pm 3/24/13 2:26pm

The GoPro Hero3 Black Will Let Track Day Racers Record Crashes In Ultra…

Everyone who goes on a track day seems to need somewhere between one and 147 GoPros on their car to get every angle. » 10/17/12 12:30pm 10/17/12 12:30pm

Perhaps This Is Why Europeans Hate Us

Ever have the compulsion to put a Canadian flag on your backpack while traveling abroad just to avoid getting into arguments with French people? Well, any European goodwill we may have built up as a nation lately has been promptly ruined by these guys driving terribly around the Hockenheimring race track. » 5/11/12 1:30pm 5/11/12 1:30pm

Proof that a Nissan GT-R is crazy fast

We've heard about how a Nissan GT-R will outpace just about anything short of a Veyron and will make a Schumacher out of any regular Joe, but what do we really have to go by other than the reports of some ham-fisted journalists and a no-corners drag race? » 10/17/11 2:00pm 10/17/11 2:00pm

Jerkoff Track Day Instructor Outed On YouTube, Fired

A High Performance Driving Event is usually a great place to safely learn the limits of your car, on a track, with a helpful and professional driving instructor. Unless your instructor is this asshole. » 2/08/10 1:00pm 2/08/10 1:00pm

Stunning Video Of Swedish-Style Track Day

Videographer Anders Bäckman wields a simple camcorder while producing incredible results in this short clip of a track day at the Gotland Ring in Sweden. Added bonus: crank the volume for funky electronic beats. » 12/17/08 4:30pm 12/17/08 4:30pm

Turbo Rolls-Royce Races 'Round The 'Ring

Who says a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow can't be a trackday toy? Not the guys from the British rag that's all about Performance Cars that are Practical. They wanted a vehicle that could do a lap of the Nürburgring in under 10 minutes while comfortably seating five adults. Sure you could just get a new Audi or a BMW and… » 2/19/08 1:40pm 2/19/08 1:40pm

Ariel Atom 3: Better for the Elbows

Everyone's favorite track-day toy and face rearranger, the Ariel Atom, is getting a slight makeover. There's more space inside, and new body panels and wind deflector outside — just the thing for preserving the eardrums during extended sprints through the countryside. It's powered by a 245-hp version of Honda's… » 10/03/07 10:11am 10/03/07 10:11am

Ach! Mercedes SLR 722 GTR

We haven't heard from Mercedes on this one, but its sweeping the Mercheads community like a superstrain of mono. A track-only McLaren Mercedes SLR 722? Why yes, it's the GTR, and according to accompanying signage, it's 661 pounds less than a typical 722. It's a ready-to-race model in the vein of the Ferrari FXX.… » 9/28/07 4:35pm 9/28/07 4:35pm

Caparo T1 Test Drive

What does a street-legal (in the UK) nearly open-wheel race car producing over 1,000 horsepower per metric ton feel like on the road? Ask Autocar, which took a test drive of a prototype Caparo T1. At just over a half-ton, the T1's actual horsepower figure is 575. But it appears to have the intuitive handling… » 9/18/07 9:57am 9/18/07 9:57am

None More Radical: V8-Powered SR8 LM

What's more awesome than a Suzuki Hayabusa-powered Radical SR8? How about one with two Hayabusa mills joined with awesome-epoxy? That's the SR8LM, a new racer from the UK's Radical. It's powered by a Powertec V8 motor and transaxle — a 2.8-liter jobbie producing 455 hp at 10,500 rpm. A four-pump dry sump system keeps… » 7/05/07 11:58am 7/05/07 11:58am

Track-Day Nemesis: Nemesiiiiiiiiiiiis!!

To all the nemeses out there, here's what can happen when an unstable Porsche pilot sends too many negative thoughts "into the universe." [Thanks to MoreandFaster for the tip.] » 6/01/07 1:34pm 6/01/07 1:34pm

More on the KTM X-Bow: Real Photos, Track Testing 101

The KTM wizards dropped a few more photos of the X-Bow track-day roadster ahead of its unveiling in Geneva next month. They're the first real photos we've seen of the Austrian, Audi-powered two seater. We still can't confirm if that's the old Stig behind the wheel. [Thanks to Bernard for the tip.] » 2/20/07 5:34pm 2/20/07 5:34pm

Hayabusa Viking: The RoadRazer

Hammer of ye gods! The RoadRazer, a Hayabusa-powered track-day roadster we posted on back in September debuted at the Autosport show in the UK earlier this month, adding to the new spate of quasi open-wheel playtoys. The Danish single-seater will reportedly be street legal in the UK and clock in at under three… » 1/22/07 9:07am 1/22/07 9:07am

New Ultralight Roadster, the GTM 40TR

UK-based specialty carmaker GTM is working on a rival to challenge current heir to the ultralight throne, the Ariel Atom. It's the GTM 40TR, projected to excel in feats of quickness (zero to 60 mph in under four seconds) via the the Honda Civic Type R's 220 hp, 2.0-liter four. Top speed should be over 150 mph. The… » 1/15/07 8:18am 1/15/07 8:18am

Not Just For Breakfast: Zolfe Orange to Launch Next Week in the UK

Take one part Honda S2000, one part classic Opel GT, one part Suzuki Hayabusa and one part orange juice and what do you get? A track-day cocktail we'd consider imbibing fairly often. The folks from Zolfe say their little Orange GT car will launch next week in the UK. Designed for both road and track, the Orange… » 1/05/07 10:44am 1/05/07 10:44am

Lap Dance: Track Day in a Ferrari Enzo FXX

Aside from apexing a bit too close to pit road at times, and one inadvisable one-handed burn through the straights — while searching for a cameraphone to hand over to the passenger — this young viscount handles his Ferrari Enzo FXX quite deftly. According to a tipster, the track could be Rijeka in Croatia. The… » 1/04/07 12:43pm 1/04/07 12:43pm

Hoon of the Day: Flying Scotsmen

Look aute! Tune in to watch Team Gimps as they handle hoons, wankers, errant girlfriends, speedy vans and ankle biters at Knockhill Racing Circuit. All other track-day videos are fookin' crap! [Thanks to Ed for the tip.] » 9/26/06 9:59am 9/26/06 9:59am