S2000 Owner Unlocks the True Power of VTEC, Gets Point-By From McLaren Senna at Laguna Seca

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Perhaps you’ve been there yourself: You show up to a track day in your affordable, humble sports car, maybe even something that’s also your daily, and then the stars align and the universe opens up to shower you with SPEED that lets you blitz a $1 million hypercar.


Or, you know, the owner of said hypercar just points you by, before he passes you later on. That too.

This is what happened to YouTube user and Honda S2000 owner Zygrene, who had a run-in with a McLaren Senna driver at a Laguna Seca track day. For one short, shining moment, his humble S2000 got past a 789 horsepower hypercar.

You can see it about 30 seconds into the video there. In it he narrates his internal reaction, which starts with “How am I closing in on a corner exit?” as his S2000 gains on the McLaren’s tail and ends with total shock and surprise as the hypercar points him by with a turn signal.

What happens next is meme gold in the making:

Image for article titled S2000 Owner Unlocks the True Power of VTEC, Gets Point-By From McLaren Senna at Laguna Seca
Image for article titled S2000 Owner Unlocks the True Power of VTEC, Gets Point-By From McLaren Senna at Laguna Seca

But before you think that his S2000 has sprouted some terrifying, hitherto unknown Super Saiyan-style power and is ready to take on the McLaren’s Frieza, know that he realizes the Senna owner is largely taking it easy, perhaps to get his bearings on track. The Senna’s pass comes later, around the 2:50 mark, and the S2000's attempts to catch up are as futile as you expect.


VTEC is good. But it has its limits.

He also points out, self-deprecatingly, that at 2,641 pounds the Senna actually weighs around 200 pounds less than his S2000 does. With just a bit more power, you see.


In the video the S2000 owner says the Senna driver, a “super friendly guy” named Phil, just acquired a racing license and was out at Laguna Seca there in his hypercar because he’s determined to use it the way it was meant to be used. Good on him too.

It’s a fun video, and clearly a good time is being had by all here, regardless of power outputs or price tags. We should all be so lucky to duke it out with a hypercar at our next track day, however briefly.


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Hey everyone! I’m the lucky driver being overtaken by the S2K! I got one of the first cars from McLaren and didn’t waste time putting some miles on it. Before I had to leave the US I put 1600 miles on the car road tripping it from Monterey to LA and back and to SF and back to Monterey. Then I did the double track day at Laguna.

Day one was tricky, I know the track a fair bit, but a new car is a new car, and the decibel limit drops your concentration mid lap. Thankfully there were a lot of good people giving support and I dropped my lap times all the way down to a low 1'32. This was including a lift and double upshift for the sound check booth between 5 and 6. I also lifted on my fast lap because I saw the meatball flag at the start finish, indicating that I had blown sound. At a higher db day and with less traffic I think I am capable of somewhere between a 1'27 and a 1'29 in the car. I think a pro is capable of a 1'25.

The brakes are astonishing. We would crest turn one flat at around 160mph and continue to just under 170 before braking into turn two. It required a lot of commitment and I blew the brake zone a few times pushing it deeper. Thank god for run off!

The tires are definitely the limiting factor, while still being extremely good. After 1600 miles of road and track use I think they have one more day in them. 

Why did I hand the position back? It’s a track day, not a race. I have to lift and the other guy didn’t, I don’t want to ruin his lap and fun. I felt bad when I cut someone off into turn five only to lift a little later and gave him a point by too. I’m just having fun, not out there to ruin anyone else’s.

The car only tried to kill me once. Going through T6 it got loose and tank slapped, but I got it back. Ten out of ten fun car, should drive!

Here are a couple of videos that my instructor and others have shared.

My fast lap before I was black flagged. This is still upshifting, but only one gear up.

Driving with my day two coach. Only did one session together as I wanted to get friends in the car. I only did two sessions of eleven in two days alone.

This one makes me chuckle!