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Look, the rest of the car—I can take it or leave it. Just attach the tow hook to the bumper. That’s all I want back if I get stuck out on track.


Don’t bother attaching the hook to anything structural on the car itself that might accidentally pull the whole out of harm’s way, as a tow hook is really intended to do.


I’ll happily swallow my pride and take what less secure types would consider the “ride of shame” back in the recovery vehicle instead of in the comfort of my own car’s seat. After all, everyone makes a mistake sometimes. There is no shame in that.

That bumper cover, though, is money. I’m going to need that piece back—but only that piece. You can leave the rest of the car out there as trackside art for all I care. Donate it to a sad home without a track car. Use it for the twice-annual bonfire. I don’t want it back. Get me and my precious bumper to safety. That’s all that matters.

(We here at Jalopnik would like to remind you all to install your track car’s safety gear properly—yes, even the tow hooks.)

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