I Will Never Get Tired Of Watching People Track Dodge Vans

GIF via noriyaro

What happens when racers need a big van to haul bikes, parts and spares? They start racing the vans, too, of course. Japan’s Dajiban scene evolved out of motorcycle racing into its own delightful world of modified vans, track days, drifting and racing.

Who says you need a super-lightweight track monster to hit the track? All you need are four wheels propelled by something and an insatiable need to hoon.


You know you’re in the right place for a Dajiban meet when it smells like a million little cardboard trees and burnt rubber. Mad tight USDM, yo.

Too bad these aren’t the vans bringing my last-minute parts orders. There’s nothing cooler than seeing a bunch of performance parts added to an otherwise completely utilitarian vehicle. Check out the crazy column shifter action!

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Eddie Brannan

I discovered these a while back and loved the look of them.

I immediately mocked up an image of my Flex with 15" Watanabes and BF Goodrich rubber. I’m still (almost) tempted for shits and giggles.