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Even the most boring little commuter daily driver hatchback can be turned into a riot of a good time by removing the weight of a particularly large Grizzly Bear. When your tiny four cylinder economy car only has to haul around 2/3rds of the car’s original weight, it can breathe a little easier and move the now lighter car much quicker. It’s been proven a million times that removing weight from a car will get it down a drag strip much quicker, but it’ll also help with cornering speeds, braking distances, and FUN!


We all have our own little subsections of automotive culture that get our heartrates pumped up, and this is mine. Any time a car is stripped of its non-essentials in the interest of cheap and dumb speed, I’m intrigued. This little automotive fetish was all kicked off by Mike Finnegan’s original Vette Hack in Hot Rod Magazine nearly a decade ago. And it continues through to today with Zach Bowman’s drag racing Ram pickup, or this little stripped out Mitsubishi. I’m into it. I’m here for it. I’m always left wanting more.

It’s the kind of automotive hi-jinx that is by and large meaningless. Realistically, this kind of modification renders the car useless, and nobody is going to carry out this level of weight loss. But it proves a point. By shedding even a few pounds, your car can be made quicker, faster, and accentuate its dynamics.


If you go by the old racer’s adage, ounces equal pounds. Find little differences that will slowly add up to be big differences. Does your track car need a windshield washer bottle?

I’m not going to recommend you shed the doors of your daily commuter, but there’s no harm in taking the back seat out, you know, if you don’t use it very often.

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