Ford Everest Spied In Colorado, Is It (Or The Ranger) Coming To America?

What could only be a Ford Everest in camouflage was spotted this morning at Mt. Evans, Colorado by two different readers. We reckon it's only here for high-altitude testing, but it's possible the off-roadable SUV might be headed to the US. Or, perhaps, its cousin and perennial Jalopnik favorite: the Ranger. » 6/29/14 5:35pm 6/29/14 5:35pm

2008 Toyota Sequoia Price Increases to $34,150

If you're waiting for the 2008 Sequoia because you feel the old model lacks the bulkiness you require in a suburban cruiser, you're going to have to pay $34,150 just to get in, a $990 premium over the previous model. The big addition to the Sequoia (other than the beefy body) is the 5.7-liter V8, which puts out an… » 12/07/07 10:15am 12/07/07 10:15am