For $3,000, This 1974 VW Super Beetle Is Kind Of A Brat

The windshield of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe VW carries the self-deprecating proclamation All Mixed Up. That's because this Ford-hooded, Brat-backed Beetle doesn't quite know what it wants to be. You surely will know what to make of its price, however. » 12/10/14 8:00am 12/10/14 8:00am

Man's Rockin' Fantasy Involves Beer, Potato Salad, And An El Camino

It's a story you've heard a thousand times(?) Recently single old timer is unsatisfied with the car-truckiness of his Subaru Brat and wants you to turn it into a different car-truck. Don't worry, he can pay. In cheap beer, potato salad, and stories about Deep Purple. » 4/29/14 2:25pm 4/29/14 2:25pm

The Subaru Brat Is Practical For The Proletariat

Good morning comrades! The glorious revolution has treated us well, no? We have fields to harvest dirt in, and Subarus for us to play in. » 5/18/13 9:00am 5/18/13 9:00am

How Ronald Reagan Became A Secret Subaru Test Driver

In Ronald Reagan's day, it wasn't smart for an American politician to be seen in a Japanese vehicle, but the soon-to-be-President quietly kept a quirky Subaru BRAT at his ranch in California under an agreement that the automaker would get progress reports from Reagan on the little truck's performance. Read about how… » 1/18/12 12:00pm 1/18/12 12:00pm

For $12,500, The Chevy Thunderstorm Will Let You Reign on Any Parade

GM has a history of vehicle names based on weather phenomena- Typhoon, Syclone, etc. While we're still waiting on the Chevy Titty Twister, the forecast for today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe calls for a 100% chance of ThunderStorm. » 6/25/10 8:00am 6/25/10 8:00am

Snowy Roads, Downpours, and Sandy Beaches DEMAND '83 Subarus!

Remember when you used to have to pull a lever to send power to all four wheels in your Subaru? The hardships our forefathers endured! » 6/19/10 11:00am 6/19/10 11:00am

Underachieving AT-ATs

The Subaru BRAT is a great runabout but the backwards-facing jump seats are as dangerous for storm troopers as they are for everyone else and thus makes for an underachieving AT-AT. Check out Lunchbreath for the full series. [Flickr] » 4/08/10 5:30pm 4/08/10 5:30pm

Ten Vehicles That Don't Belong On BuisnessWeek's 50 Ugliest Cars List

We're convinced BusinessWeek intentionally created its "Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years" list to offend Jalopnik reader sensibilities as much as possible. We've pulled out ten cars that simply have no place on this list. Two-minutes hate ahead. » 11/03/09 4:30pm 11/03/09 4:30pm

Denver, Home Of The BRAT

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. It's winter and I'm in Denver, so it's BRAT time! » 12/16/08 3:30pm 12/16/08 3:30pm

The Thunderstorm Is Part Geo Storm, Part Subaru Brat, 100% Awesome

As much as we may be inclined to mock the Thunderstorm, which combines the nose and a powertrain of a Geo Storm with the rear end of a Subaru Brat and was constructed with an impressive level of parts-bin rummaging, we're in awe of how cool it actually is. The Thunderstorm is up for sale due to the "RECENT PASTING" of… » 11/11/08 2:30pm 11/11/08 2:30pm

It's The Most Patriotic Brat Ever, Dummy

There's probably no flag-draped car currently more familiar than the Subaru Brat from My Name Is Earl, which ironically had seats put in the bed to counteract pro-American trade sanctions on Japanese trucks. [IMDCB] » 7/04/08 8:00am 7/04/08 8:00am

In A City Of Subarus, The BRAT Stands Out

What with all the great DOTSBE photos coming in from readers all over the globe, we haven't had a chance to show any Denver cars for a few weeks. This means we have quite the backlog, because in addition to Denver regulars Kitt and Ejacobs, I get shipped to Denver for work every so often and shoot the occasional… » 6/03/08 2:00pm 6/03/08 2:00pm

Save On Gas! Buy A Beater Subaru Brat!

It's no mystery that buying a new pious Hybrid to save money on gas is a bit counter-productive. Yeah, you'll spare pennies at the pump and score points with the eco-snob crowd, but the cost of that new car is likely to still end up costing you more than what you'll be saving on gas. But what if you could save gas… » 5/06/08 2:20pm 5/06/08 2:20pm

Project Car Hell, 80s Subaru Edition: BRAT or XT6?

We saw the Gremlin beat the Spirit by quite a margin in our last Choose Your Eternity poll. Maybe it was the Wayne's World connection, or maybe it was just the obscurity of the AMC Spirit. Either way, we're going to follow up a pair of quirky American machines with a pair of equally quirky Japanese machines. Sure,… » 4/28/08 5:20pm 4/28/08 5:20pm

What Car Makes You Dream Of Summer?

I was born fairly close to the Mexican border. To put it in perspective, I moved north to get to Houston and up until recently Austin was the furthest north I'd ever lived. Now I live in Chicago. Chicago is great, but Chicago is freaking cold. Unnecessarily cold. I was out shooting photos last night and most didn't… » 2/21/08 11:40am 2/21/08 11:40am