Why Is There A Subaru Brat In The Final Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer?

So far it’s not clear if this is a mistake, a deliberate Easter Egg left in by JJ Abrams, or what, but in at least one of the trailer’s scenes on that desert planet that’s not Tatooine or Arrakis, there definitely appears to be a partially sand-covered Subaru Brat. You can see it up there on the right in that little… »10/20/15 1:17am10/20/15 1:17am


How Ronald Reagan Became A Secret Subaru Test Driver

In Ronald Reagan's day, it wasn't smart for an American politician to be seen in a Japanese vehicle, but the soon-to-be-President quietly kept a quirky Subaru BRAT at his ranch in California under an agreement that the automaker would get progress reports from Reagan on the little truck's performance. Read about how… »1/18/12 12:00pm1/18/12 12:00pm

The Thunderstorm Is Part Geo Storm, Part Subaru Brat, 100% Awesome

As much as we may be inclined to mock the Thunderstorm, which combines the nose and a powertrain of a Geo Storm with the rear end of a Subaru Brat and was constructed with an impressive level of parts-bin rummaging, we're in awe of how cool it actually is. The Thunderstorm is up for sale due to the "RECENT PASTING" of… »11/11/08 2:30pm11/11/08 2:30pm