2008 Toyota Sequoia, Now With Independent Rear Suspension!

We're told this black-wrapped test mummy vehicle is the new 2008 Toyota Sequoia. Although it's as heavily wrapped in tape and tarp as the last time, we're still able to glean some information from the latest spy report from Brenda Priddy's ace spy photog Chris Doane. In addition to the expectation it'll be receiving… »7/18/07 10:15am7/18/07 10:15am

Oh What A Bad Feeling: Toyota To Recall 533,000 Sequoias and Tundras

This is without doubt not the news ToMoCo wants to be saddled with as the dawn of their (finally) 'merican sized new Tundra nears. But, what is, is. Seems that the lower ball join on the front suspension has been failing and has caused at least eleven accidents and six injuries. Not good. Some of y'all might remember… »1/19/07 9:35am1/19/07 9:35am

Toyota, Your Sequoia's So Big! ToMoCo Worries 2008 SUV Is Too Large To Be In Charge

We're beginning to feel like ToMoCo's having a real Goldilocks-like internal management problem. The past few years of the first-gen model of the Sequoia have been criticized by many as having a model smaller than other SUV's in the "large and in charge" segment, but now some execs inside the automaker from the land… »10/10/06 9:28am10/10/06 9:28am