What Car Would You Make A Pilgrimage To See?

It's so close to Thanksgiving right now that the number of people thinking about gravy right now is off the scale on my Gravycognitivometer. But it's not all gravy, of course — there's also those buckle-hatted pilgrims to consider. And that makes us consider asking what car would you make a pilgrimage to see? » 11/25/14 11:43am Tuesday 11:43am

What Are The Scariest Looking Weapons Of All Time?

Some weapon systems look even more terrifying than they are deadly, which can be an added psychological warfare benefit. Aircraft like the bat-winged B-2 Spirit have a sinister mystique that fits perfectly with their ability to sneak into a country in the dead of night and obliterate highly defended targets. It is one… » 10/31/14 7:07pm 10/31/14 7:07pm