What's The Goofiest Automotive Trim Piece?

Car styling can be very crudely divided into two main parts: the shape of the car itself and the crap stuck on the car itself. Today I want to talk about the stuck-on crap, specifically, the goofiest ones. Out of all the portholes, bumper guards, side streaks, fake vents, cladding, and so on, what’s the goofiest? » 7/23/15 11:30am 7/23/15 11:30am

What's The Best Way To Be A Jerk At A Track Day?

We live in a society. And while that’s great for those of us who think hunting and gathering are for chumps, it comes at a high price: not being a jerk to everyone all the time. So when you decide to enjoy yourself — say, by taking your car to the track — wouldn’t you just love to, you know, be a jerk? Let’s find the… » 7/14/15 11:40am 7/14/15 11:40am