If Cars Could Drive, What Cars Would They Drive?

So, let’s do a little thought-experiment here. That means everyone grab a big bottle of expired medication and put it in a bag and smash it up and then blend it into a large glass of rubbing alcohol and Yoo-Hoo. Now, chug. All good? Great. Okay, so, here’s the question: if cars could drive, what cars would they drive? »8/14/15 11:30am8/14/15 11:30am

What Car Can Make Your Day Better Just By Seeing It?

Have you ever been having a crappy day — boss vomited in anger on your keyboard, your partner of your preferred gender called you an ‘undesirable lump,’ you accidentally sat on four chili dogs in your favorite peach-colored jodhpurs — when you saw a car pass that, just by seeing it, made everything better? What is… »8/13/15 11:34am8/13/15 11:34am

What's The Most Unappreciated Feature In A Car?

I used to have a 1967 Volvo P1800S. I loved that car — absolutely lovely, not really fast, but plenty of fun to drive, easy to work on — it was a great car. But it did have a few Achilles’ Tires: SU carbs that dripped gas onto the exhaust manifold, gas filler drain that clogged all the time, and no glove box. No good… »8/12/15 1:30pm8/12/15 1:30pm