What's The Most Insane Vehicle For Taking Your Kids To School?

For much of the U.S., today was back to school day. That means your lazy little bastards, I mean PRECIOUS ANGELS have to take a break from their busy schedules of smoking Molly, binge-video gaming and sexting each other long enough to get educated and hopefully make this country competitive with China. » 8/24/15 11:31am 8/24/15 11:31am

If Cars Could Drive, What Cars Would They Drive?

So, let’s do a little thought-experiment here. That means everyone grab a big bottle of expired medication and put it in a bag and smash it up and then blend it into a large glass of rubbing alcohol and Yoo-Hoo. Now, chug. All good? Great. Okay, so, here’s the question: if cars could drive, what cars would they drive? » 8/14/15 11:30am 8/14/15 11:30am

What Car Can Make Your Day Better Just By Seeing It?

Have you ever been having a crappy day — boss vomited in anger on your keyboard, your partner of your preferred gender called you an ‘undesirable lump,’ you accidentally sat on four chili dogs in your favorite peach-colored jodhpurs — when you saw a car pass that, just by seeing it, made everything better? What is… » 8/13/15 11:34am 8/13/15 11:34am

What's The Most Unappreciated Feature In A Car?

I used to have a 1967 Volvo P1800S. I loved that car — absolutely lovely, not really fast, but plenty of fun to drive, easy to work on — it was a great car. But it did have a few Achilles’ Tires: SU carbs that dripped gas onto the exhaust manifold, gas filler drain that clogged all the time, and no glove box. No good… » 8/12/15 1:30pm 8/12/15 1:30pm

What Car Has The Worst Proportions?

In auto design, the fundamental proportions of the different elements are the underlying bedrock to the car’s look and character. Long hood, short rear is the classic sportscar proportion, for example, and there’s many other ratios that just work, for a given car. When they go wrong, though, there’s no hiding it. So… » 8/11/15 11:50am 8/11/15 11:50am

What Does Everyone Get Wrong About Car Enthusiasts?

Like almost any group of diverse people connected by a common interest — people erotically drawn to tacos, cat lovers, those tiny house people who now own Facebook — there’s a lot of sweeping generalizations made about those of us who love cars. What are the (usually wrong) assumptions you hear most often? » 8/03/15 11:40am 8/03/15 11:40am