What's The Most Impractical Car You've Ever Daily Driven?

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Ordinarily, it’s best practice to buy a car that fits into your life, not one that you have to rearrange your life to make fit. Sometimes, though, things don’t work out that way. Sometimes, your love for a car is so deep and so profound, you’re willing to inconvenience yourself and occasionally your family and friends to make the relationship work.


I can’t say I personally have a great example of this in my fairly short car ownership history, though I will say that the Fiesta ST I currently drive is certainly the closest answer I’ve got to this question. Yes, it’s a hatchback with four doors, which seems pretty practical at the outset. At this point, though, I’ve made enough vertebrae-shattering cross-country journeys and wholesale store runs to know that a car that’s a bit too small and harsh can be very inconvenient in those key moments when you need them to be anything but. At least it tends to get me out of designated driver duties because nobody wants to be stuck in the back seat.

The answer I want to have to this question, though, is none other than the GR Yaris. I’d love nothing more than to have an even smaller, less practical hatchback ruin my life, for the simple reason that it’s a rally homologation special. I’d put up with all of the bullshit if only Toyota would give me the chance.

So, then, what absolutely impractical, inhospitable car have you tried to live with, and how did you make that flawed relationship work?

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Writing this as a person from a household with kids where the dailys are currently an M2 and a Mini Cooper S hardtop; cars that we bought expecting to cope with inconvenience for the driving experience, oddly my answer is the car we bought to be versatile.

The most impractical “car” I’ve ever daily driven is an F-350.

It is a pain to get the car seat/kids up into, and even now that they’re big enough to (literally) climb in themselves, the doors are too big and heavy for them to deal with.. It’s high, so loading/unloading groceries is a pain in the ass. It drinks gas. Things you can normally throw in the trunk need to be strapped down. Tires are stupid expensive. It takes up a ton of space in the garage. It’s a total pain in the ass. Winter can’t be over soon enough.

In contrast, the “inconvenient” cars are surprisingly practical, even in the ways everybody told us we wouldn’t be able to deal with.