QOTD: What Car Would You Buy Off Your Local Craigslist Right Now?

If anyone finds an Alfa Romeo Montreal... let me know.
If anyone finds an Alfa Romeo Montreal... let me know.
Photo: Daily Express/Hulton Archive (Getty Images)

Tis the season for scrolling endlessly through Craigslist and sighing at all the cool-ass cars you want to buy but doubt you can convince your family to get for you. Well… it is in my family, at least. I’m sure you’ve found something excellent in your scrolling so far, and I want to know what it is.


Back in the good ol’ days when I could travel for the holidays without having to worry about, y’know, getting sick or systematically wiping out my family with the plague, one of my favorite parts of the post-dinner food coma was my brother and my husband sitting on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace looking at cars. They’d just sit there, scrolling, shouting out names, prices, and conditions like they were auctioneers trying to sell these cars. When they popped on something good, they’d debate the relative merits of whatever they were looking at.

Now, not traveling hasn’t stopped my husband and my brother from the endless Craigslist scroll. At least once a day, my husband shows me a listing and asks if he can buy it (no, not until we have a house), and I know for a fact my brother does the same thing to his girlfriend and gets the same answer.

It got me thinking: what would the denizens of Jalopnik buy off their local Craigslist? There are people from all over the damn place that use this site—I bet there are some ridiculously stellar finds. I want to see what’s out there.

Money isn’t an issue. Neither is space. Who cares if you even have the time to sort out that old beater you’ve been dreaming of for years! If you could buy anything off your local Craigslist right now, what would it be? And what’s drawing you to that listing as opposed to anything else? 

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I could not get the picture into this reply, but it is a red convertible on a sunny day. No more justification is needed.