QOTD: What Was The Car Of The Trump Era?

Trump Fire Truck
Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

Barring a successful coup, it’s looking like the Trump era will soon draw to a close. (Well, at least the part of the Trump era where he’s the President.)


As hard as it is to imagine today, we may end up having dumber, crueler presidents before things wrap up. But I’ll always think of the last four years as a time when America’s various chronic illnesses were made too obvious to ignore, while around a quarter of the population decided they loved being sick and enthusiastically preferred that we all die from it.

But what car do I associate with this presidency? I’d say the Hummer H2 was the car of the George W. Bush-era, Reagan gets the E30, Clinton...maybe the SN95 Mustang or the ZJ Grand Cherokee? Obama was the Tesla Model S President, projecting a cool, progressive image while really only making an effort for rich people and Wall Street.

So, twenty years from now you’re looking back. What car represents pathetic fake bravado, imagined grievances, baroque conspiracies, more explicit racism, gleeful destruction of our environment and wanton, stupid cruelty? What’s the car of the Trump Era?

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