Dale Earnhardt Takes The New Camaro Sideways With CNBC On Secret Aussie Test Track

While yesterday gave us our first look at the un-camouflaged new Chevy Camaro, who knew CNBC's Phil LeBeau had a scoop that'd put our blow-the-top-off coverage of Chevy's new muscle car to shame with the mullet-wearing demographic? He's got NASCAR star-of-stars Dale Earnhardt, Jr. ripping the new 2010 Chevy Camaro »7/19/08 2:17pm7/19/08 2:17pm

Climb Into A Lamborghini "Road Rocket" With CNBC's Phil LeBeau

What with UAW negotiations, sales numbers and the boardroom-stocking going on over at "The New Chrysler," I feel like it's getting to be rare for us to see CNBC's auto blogging on-air talent Phil LeBeau actually get the chance to sit down and do some ride n' drives with one of the products he covers. So, when he… »10/02/07 1:00pm10/02/07 1:00pm

Breaking Even: CNBC's Phil LeBeau "Causes" Accident In Front Of GM World Headquarters!

The message the General's giving on their earnings is that the NorAm operational net losses were only $46 million, an amount Rick Wagoner said this morning live on CNBC was "essentially breaking even." OK, that's a total load of crap — especially considering the automaker has sold more cars globally during the first… »5/03/07 12:02pm5/03/07 12:02pm

The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Is The UAW In Bed With Kirk Kerkorian?

We're willing to forgive CNBC's Phil LeBeau for not including a link to the Jalop on his blog yet over at their newly-revamped website for the financial news network, but only because he totally gets us the scoops. Like this little Chrysler Group sales speculation: »4/05/07 4:33pm4/05/07 4:33pm

Must be why they've gone and asked our Senior Editor…

How Many Drinks Was That? Wert Talks About Hybrids, LeBeau Talks About NASCAR

Talk about all your CNBC automotive clips are belong to ToMoCo. Wert was "On The Money" last night by following the money on hybrids and helping them figure out whether or not they're mainstream enough to have some serious sales given lower gas prices the past month. He's closely followed by CNBC's professional auto… »2/09/07 12:19pm2/09/07 12:19pm

CNBC's Phil LeBeau "Finds" The Bugatti Veyron, Attempts To Drive Wheels Off Of It

Hey look kids, it's a 1000 hp car that Jean Jennings says "you can drive the wheels off of" — and in this clip from CNBC, you can watch Phil LeBeau do just that. CNBC's auto correspondent takes us inside the VW Bugatti "HQ", where he — umm — we're not really sure why he was there. Although we've noticed that the… »12/08/06 2:18pm12/08/06 2:18pm

CNBC's Phil LeBeau Put "On Notice" After Getting "Behind The Wheel"

CNBC has long been the web-version of the red-headed stepchild of NBC Universal's on-line presence due to an agreement giving them second billing to the online "juggernaut" that is MSNBC. Well now they're more like the fave son after a relaunch of it's website today with among other things, for-pay streaming video. On… »12/04/06 9:29am12/04/06 9:29am