Hey look kids, it's a 1000 hp car that Jean Jennings says "you can drive the wheels off of" — and in this clip from CNBC, you can watch Phil LeBeau do just that. CNBC's auto correspondent takes us inside the VW Bugatti "HQ", where he — umm — we're not really sure why he was there. Although we've noticed that the mainstream media every month or so seems to think they've "found" the Veyron for the first time, methinks there was another need here. Maybe LeBeau, in a tie and sans sports coat, just wanted to drive the Veyron in this segment advertising his one-hour "Behind The Wheel" special on December 15th, just to look i-banker manly for the ladies.

CNBC's Phil LeBeau Put "On Notice" After Getting "Behind The Wheel" [internal]


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