While yesterday gave us our first look at the un-camouflaged new Chevy Camaro, who knew CNBC's Phil LeBeau had a scoop that'd put our blow-the-top-off coverage of Chevy's new muscle car to shame with the mullet-wearing demographic? He's got NASCAR star-of-stars Dale Earnhardt, Jr. ripping the new 2010 Chevy Camaro sideways through a secret test track somewhere in the Aussie outback in this new video over at CNBC. Though the 2010 Camaro is still wearing some serious body camo cladding, we're totally loving the screechingly good music coming from those rear tires. However, we'll try to ignore that "body roll" comment, because perhaps Dale just doesn't know that drive impressions are probably embargoed for sometime next year. Well, whatever. By the way, we've got a whole mess of new shots of the new Chevy Camaro RS below — now looking yellow, red and silver — so pick your color pleasure. [CNBC via Camaro5]


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