Ford's EcoBoost engine line uses turbochargers and direct injection to match the performance of much larger engines while returning better fuel economy. Good luck getting that point across to Mike Barnacle and Morning Joe, Mr. LeBeau.


What we find particularly amusing about this clip is the question "Would you pay $3,000 for better fuel economy?" Well, that answer has been proven over and over again as yes, with the Prius, Insight, Civic hybrid, etc. You most certainly pay a premium for those hybrids in order to get higher fuel economy. However, there's a level of status from the eco-green movement that comes with buying those badged bi-powered cars.

The better question is: are people willing to pay for better fuel economy in the rip-snorting 300-plus HP range without the pretty hybrid badging? Will the public buy into a turbo V6 replacing a V8, getting the same power and better fuel economy? Questions like those are, apparently, best answered by looking at the cupholders.

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