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CNBC has long been the web-version of the red-headed stepchild of NBC Universal's on-line presence due to an agreement giving them second billing to the online "juggernaut" that is MSNBC. Well now they're more like the fave son after a relaunch of it's website today with among other things, for-pay streaming video. On top of the multimedia fireworks, they've also stepped out into the light of Web 2.0, serving up a group of "blogs" from some of the big names in the financial network's punditocracy. One of those soon to be finding themselves on the Blogebrity list (assuming B-level, but whatevs, he's probably ok with that) is none other than mon automotive-journo-frere, Phil LeBeau. His new blog's called "Behind The Wheel" and there's one post on it — from Saturday — a totally blogspot-esque "welcome to my web log" post. While we'd normally be willing to overlook that, what really burns us enough to put the big LeBeau-ski into a Colbert-esque state of "on notice" is that he doesn't even include us in his "favorite links." Thanks Phil, after all those long nights of punditing together on CNBC's "On The Money" — this is how you repay us? And we were totally all ready to have you on the Hanukkah card list this year too.


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