The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Is The UAW In Bed With Kirk Kerkorian?

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We're willing to forgive CNBC's Phil LeBeau for not including a link to the Jalop on his blog yet over at their newly-revamped website for the financial news network, but only because he totally gets us the scoops. Like this little Chrysler Group sales speculation:

CNBC has learned people friendly with Tracinda Corp. have had cursory discussions with the UAW regarding a possible purchase of Chrysler.

Tracinda feels there's genuine interest among the leadership of the UAW about taking an equity stake in Chrysler.

Must be why they've gone and asked our Senior Editor from D-town to take some time away from his duties here at the Javits center covering the New York Auto Show to head out to CNBC to pundificate live in the studio on the recent KirkKerkasmic news on the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid. So while he's trying not to vomit primping and powdering for his 7:00 PM EST appearance on "On The Money," we'll be busy here putting together tonight's Auto Show episode rules for the game. As always, if you're confused, check out the full history of the Official Car Pundit Drinking Game. Because, you know, you can play along at home and stuff.

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