Breaking! Kirk Kerkorian's Tracinda Offers $4.5B To Purchase Chrysler

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Hot off the wires:

Tracinda prepared to offer $4.5B to purchase Chrysler — Dow Jones (81.40 +0.83) Tracinda offer is contingent on a new labor agreement with the UAW. Tracinda is seeking exclusive rights for Chrysler due diligence, which Tracinda says it could complete in 60 days.

When the hell did it become the 90's again? Does this mean we'll see Iaccoca playing the field again? Well — it sure as hell beats building bicycles or whatever the hell he's been doing as of late.

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Yeah, and he made enough cash then to come back now and buy them himself for pennies on the dollar. (Ok, I don't know that literally, "KK" and I don't actually talk financials...)

Why does "Tracinda" sound like a tropical disease?