Breaking Bigger, Longer And Uncut! WSJ Reports Kirk Kerkorian Sells Entire Stake Of General Motors Stock

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The dream is — according to the Wall Street Journal anyway — dead. The Journal's reporting that the man with the plan's sold not just half of his stock in the General as we reported earlier — but all of his stock in the biggest n' baddest automaker in the world. KirkKerk has left the building, and with him — all hope? No wait, what's that we hear — they've also finalized the GMAC sale? Hope may know...a little bit, or something.

Activist Kerkorian Moves To Unload Entire GM Stake (sub. req.) [WSJ]

Breaking! Kerkorian Goes On A Selling Spree, Cuts Stake In GM Stock By Half [internal]

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He looks like the Grinch who Stole Christmas in this picture.