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What To Expect From Chrysler, GM "Mid-Terms"

CNBC's Phil LeBeau reminds us this morning we'll be seeing Chrysler and GM's plans to the federal government revealed after 4:00 PM and probably before 6:00 PM EST. But what should we expect?

LeBeau, and most industry pundits claim we'll see the following from the General:

• The automaker is seeking $1 billion in cost cuts on the salary side (including blue and white collar cuts).
• There could be up to four plant closings.
• As we've already reported, Saturn probably will see its throat cut. Expect Hummer and Saab to follow Saturn into the light without another long-term solution.


And from Chrysler:

• Two plans are being prepared.
• The first plan would be a "stand-alone" plan making the case for another $3 billion in federal funding.
• The second plan is an "alliance" plan with Fiat. This plan will probably also make the case for another $3 billion in federal funding.


So basically, Chrysler will again be showing a coloring book-like "plan" from their take-home homework. [via CNBC]

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Maybe this time Chrysler will finally manage to color within the lines.