Chevy Volt Fully Revealed With Corvette Centennial Concept In Transformers 2 Set Video

UPDATE #2: Check out our shots of the new Chevy Volt from the live reveal today in Detroit! UPDATE: The Chevy Volt's been revealed — a little bit early — in living color and not just merely in the grainy cellphone camera video we've got in this post! Here it is kids: our first look at a 2010 Chevy Volt, complete and in-motion on the set of the still-in-production Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We got a glimpse at the upper half of the Chevy Volt earlier this evening, but this is the whole enchilada: tail end, blacked-out roof, front end, and even the final Volt badge on the back. There happen to be other cars doing their thing, like the Corvette Centennial Design Concept, and of course the Chevy Camaro and Optimus Prime, but who cares? We finally get to see the skin of revolutionary car we can't get for at least another year and a half for an indeterminate price! Yay! Oh, wait...
[Transformers Live]


Rob Emslie

Mmmm, enchilada.

Actually, it looks very much like a 4-door Scion Xc. Similar kink in the beltline just before the rear fenders. I knew that weird window treatment wouldn't make production.