Lincoln. Because we need to get back on top again.

This last couple of years have not been all that good for Lincoln..err… the Lincoln Motor Company as they are now encouraging everyone to call it. » 11/02/14 5:35pm 11/02/14 5:35pm

Lincoln Tries To Fool Media With Supercar Tires

Lincoln, wait, whoops, The Lincoln Motor Company (excuse me!), has a lot riding on the 2013 MKZ. It's the first car in a product onslaught that will either make Lincoln succeed or go down in flames. » 12/17/12 10:00am 12/17/12 10:00am

Let's Hijack Lincoln's Terrible Jimmy Fallon Ad And Actually Talk About…

Oh, Lincoln. Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln. Of the eight car companies named for presidents, you're still one of the two remaining (and related to, since the other is Ford), but I'm really afraid for your future. To many of us watching, it's looks like you've just sat down to watch Our American Cousin in Ford's Theater,… » 12/05/12 4:00pm 12/05/12 4:00pm

Chief Designer Of Lincoln MKZ Explains Why It's Not A Hatch

While at the LA Auto Show I had the chance to talk to the very poetically-named Solomon Song, lead designer of the Lincoln MKZ. I'll admit that we at Jalopnik haven't had the most confidence in Lincoln as of late, but I did find Song engaging, easy to talk to, and very forthright about the car he's designed, and the… » 12/03/12 2:20pm 12/03/12 2:20pm

The MKZ Concept Will Not Save Lincoln

I was certain when I sat down at the Lincoln press conference this morning I'd focus on the fact that the car looks like John Wilkes Booth. And then I saw the mimosa station and realized I was wrong. The story here is Lincoln is so desperate to pretend they're a luxury manufacturer they've got a mimosa station. And a… » 1/10/12 9:20am 1/10/12 9:20am

Why Lincoln should die

Ford may spend $1 billion in yet another extreme makeover for Lincoln, with a flurry of new, tech-laden models aimed for Lexus, Cadillac and BMW. Ford should save its pennies and just kill Lincoln. » 6/23/11 2:30pm 6/23/11 2:30pm

Ford Reports $2.6 Billion Profit In Second Quarter

Ford continues to make money hand over fist. Maybe it's because they've slapped a $7K premium on a rebadged Ford Fusion hybrid — and then called it "making history". » 7/23/10 9:30am 7/23/10 9:30am

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: A Ford Fusion Hybrid In Honest-Abe Drag

Ford is delaying the release of fuel-economy numbers on the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid in order to trick us into writing about it twice. We're not fooled: It's essentially a badge-engineered Ford Fusion Hybrid, so it'll probably get 39 mpg combined. » 4/01/10 9:00am 4/01/10 9:00am

2010 Lincoln MKZ: Part Three

So the 2010 Lincoln MKZ wears fancier britches, upgrades the interior and it's got all the mechanical upgrades bestowed upon the 2010 Fusion, but who should buy it? » 8/07/09 3:45pm 8/07/09 3:45pm

2010 Lincoln MKZ: Part Two

Yesterday, we told you the freshly renovated and re-focused 2010 Lincoln MKZ is a solid offering in a segment full of solid offerings. Now let's take it apart, piece by piece to find out how it stacks up. » 8/06/09 4:00pm 8/06/09 4:00pm

2010 Lincoln MKZ: Part One

The 2010 Lincoln MKZ inhabits an awkward niche somewhere between badge engineered competitive sedan and aspirational luxury vehicle. We didn't know that segment existed either. » 8/05/09 4:30pm 8/05/09 4:30pm

2010 Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Lincoln MKZ: Design, Dissected

In case you may have missed it back in 2006, Ford released a trio of entries into the uber-boring mid-size sedan category. The just-right-sized triplets were built with the intention of targeting the best in the appliance segment. Alas, sales fell well short of the leaders of the pack — which is why you may not… » 11/26/08 1:30pm 11/26/08 1:30pm

2010 Mercury Milan, Hybrid And Lincoln MKZ: Live Cars For The Pulse-Free

Ford just revealed the 2010 Ford Fusion » 11/19/08 5:30pm 11/19/08 5:30pm and the and now we can bring you the live reveals on its platform pals the and the . The Fusions two upmarket friends split the hairs of luxury with the Milan going after the Euro-snob luxury buyer who can't afford a Euro-snob nameplate while the Lincoln chases the McCainiacs…

2010 Lincoln MKZ: Fusion Plus A Newish Nose

Since platform pals the 2010 Ford Fusion » 11/19/08 3:00pm 11/19/08 3:00pm and get matching updates, it stands to reason their higher class sibling the 2010 Lincoln MKZ would be getting a visit from Ford's refresh fairies and these are the results. The MKZ gets Lincoln MKS in its Fusion with an appropriation of the new dual-nostril, waterfalling '38…

A Super Lincoln Zephyr? Shouldn't That Be An MKZ?

Here are some weird spy photos of a hot-rodded Lincoln Zephyr lurking around Dearborn. That's right, a Zephyr and not an MKZ — so what does it mean? This could be an old mule, or perhaps cost cutting efforts at Ford are forcing reuse of old cars they've got laying around. Maybe they've decided to go old-school and… » 10/31/08 5:40pm 10/31/08 5:40pm

2009 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

As we start to head into the lazy sweltering days of summer, Death Valley becomes the perfect location for balmy weather testing — a must-have for everything from powertrain endurance testing to figuring out exactly how cold that A/C system gets. Thus, fertile ground for those of you looking to make a foray into car… » 5/22/08 8:35am 5/22/08 8:35am

H&R Tunes the Lincoln MKZ

The springy tuners at H&R have turned their attention to the 2007 Lincoln MKZ, giving the AWD euro-luxo fighter even more of that euro-luxo look with a monochromatic black custom grille and 3D Carbon front spoiler. The more athletic stance comes courtesy of an H&R suspension, which lowers the car 2.5 inches. The MKZ… » 12/17/07 1:00pm 12/17/07 1:00pm

Is The Dream Dead, Like A Zephyr Product Reference Guide?

Just in case you didn't get enough of the firearm-powered fist full o' Lincoln dreaminess we showed earlier, and because I thought a couple of folks might like the backstory on the shot-up Lincoln Zephyr product reference guide — I've put together a little home movie to tell the tale — and to finally put the… » 11/18/06 9:30am 11/18/06 9:30am

Dream A Little Dream Of Lincoln: No Mr. Badge-Engineering, We Expect…

Of course, any event starting with the promise of shooting live ammunition and ends with martini's can't be all bad, and Lincoln's event to promote the latest ad campaign for FoMoCo's luxe nameplate didn't disappoint. Reilly Brennan, editor of the online-only magazine of the Road which is always Winding, and I had the… » 11/17/06 11:01am 11/17/06 11:01am