Chief Designer Of Lincoln MKZ Explains Why It's Not A Hatch

While at the LA Auto Show I had the chance to talk to the very poetically-named Solomon Song, lead designer of the Lincoln MKZ. I'll admit that we at Jalopnik haven't had the most confidence in Lincoln as of late, but I did find Song engaging, easy to talk to, and very forthright about the car he's designed, and the challenges he's facing and/or faced.


In the interview we're just discussing the rear of the car, so if your focus is the front of the MKZ, sorry. Oh, and the Lincoln reps at the booth really wanted me to reshoot this so they could have the key ready to go to open the trunk. That didn't really happen, so just trust me when I say the trunk of the new MKZ does, in fact, open. Whew.

I think it's always interesting to hear what designers have to say in less formal contexts, so, enjoy.


Jayhawk Jake

It was interesting that he always had a legitimate answer. Without talking to the designer, you might assume that all the things you questioned or wanted to see on the car were just ignored or forgotten, but in actuality all the great ideas you had were considered. Very thorough work.