Dream A Little Dream Of Lincoln: No Mr. Badge-Engineering, We Expect You To Die!

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Of course, any event starting with the promise of shooting live ammunition and ends with martini's can't be all bad, and Lincoln's event to promote the latest ad campaign for FoMoCo's luxe nameplate didn't disappoint. Reilly Brennan, editor of the online-only magazine of the Road which is always Winding, and I had the opportunity to drive the new Lincoln MKX and MKZ, the badge-engineered kissin' cousins to the Ford Edge and Ford Fusion — in a day-long event Lincoln called Dirty Harry Day "My Dream is to be a Secret Agent". The event, as we explained yesterday, was a day of "danger" and "daring" — most of which had the potential to come from firearms-related injuries at the hands of auto pundits given large guns without any sort of training. Luckily, no one was maimed or injured, well, except for maybe the ego of Detroit News's Bryce Hoffman, who appears to be cowering in fear of a paper target. Although we'll have more on the ad campaign and the drive reviews soon, all of the hilarity from the day's big and bold event at the firing range is in the gallery below.

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Lincoln Wants A Jalopnik Editor To Dream A Little Dream Of Them [internal]

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