Lincoln Wants A Jalopnik Editor To Dream A Little Dream Of Them

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I'm down in Dearborn today for an interesting little marketing event sponsored by the folks at FoMoCo for the Lincoln brand. It's an extension of their "Dreams" campaign — an attempt to link the Lincoln brand to one of three luxe segments Lincoln believes corresponds most closely with it's brand image. The segments called "American Dream." So what's Lincoln doing to get us auto pundit-types to talk about it? why, they're letting us act out our greatest fantasy (no, not that one). Instead they're giving us the opportunity to fulfill a dream intended to tie this non-Aston Martin Ford brand to what will more than likely be the number one grossing movie in America this weekend. That's right, they're calling it: "My Dream is to be a Secret Agent." And they want you to do it while driving the Lincoln MKX, MKZ and Navigator. Because you know, when I think "Secret Agent," I think "Lincoln." But wait, I think they're also telling us that the "American Dream" is all about being a British secret agent — so would that make this a Britigasm? Just curious. I'll have more on the marketing campaign — which features an interactive website hitting the interwebs on Monday — later today. For now, I've included the day's actual (seriously — no joke!) itinerary after the jump.


Lincoln 'Dreams' Web site presentation

'Being a Secret Agent' program overview
Track driving instructions

Evasive & Tactical Driving Session

Travel time

Marksmanship Training

Travel Time

Martini making

Travel Time

Casino Royale Movie Premiere

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