Ford What? Lincoln Should Be More Distinct, Designer Says

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Peter Horbury, FoMoCo's North American design chief — and proponent of the toothy, new Ford-brand stylings he calls "Dave" — says Lincoln's and Mercury's cars should be distinct from Ford-brand cars, despite being built on common platforms. In a feature we're calling, Let's Just Publish the Most Obvious Shit Car Executives Say at Press Events, AutoWeek quotes Horbury as saying Lincoln-Mercury's next step is to become independent of Ford in "the areas you can see, touch and feel." In other news, apples should be sweeter than beef.


Unique Looks for Lincoln [AutoWeek]

Ford's B.M. — Episode II: Peter Horbury Has Balls; But Does "Dave"? [internal]


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Mike Spinelli

Thanks Harvey. I must have mashed him up with Jaguar's Ian Callum. Or The Cult's Ian Astbury. Or something.