Ford's just released the second of 20 webisodes comprising its "Bold Moves" documentary. In this segment, the focus is on design (or the lack thereof). It's so overflowing with brilliant lines, we can't even pick a favorite to run through the Jalopnik meat grinder. There's Mark Fields, with, "We gotta get that design mojo back," and some tricky linguistics from Peter "Hi, I'm Dave" Horbury, who says he's the "super chief designer," while eyeballing the Ford "Super Chief" concept truck. Still, none could compare to that uttered by our good friend from episode one, Cliff Sword. If you'll recall, he's the auto mechanic from Dearborn, MI who knows exactly what Ford needs to right itself:

"Well it's gonna take somebody with balls to step up and say we're gonna try something entirely different and new"


We couldn't agree with you more, Cliff. That begs a question. Who's got the biggest designer cojones at Ford? Why, it's none other than our good friend and creator of the Gillette razor Fusion grillework. That's right, from now on when you think "Ford" and "Big n' Brass" — we want you to picture this:

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Horbury's got such huge balls, he's gotta point at them — with both hands! Or maybe they're just hidden under the cowboy hat.

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