Ford Reports $2.6 Billion Profit In Second Quarter

Ford continues to make money hand over fist. Maybe it's because they've slapped a $7K premium on a rebadged Ford Fusion hybrid — and then called it "making history".


Steve is equipped with Electronic Fool Injection

I think I'll just save this in a text document and keep it as my default comment for all hybrid posts:

I believe that hybrid cars are a transitional technology. There's only a finite amount of oil buried in the earth's crust and while we don't know how much there is, the oil companies are working to find all of it. When it's gone, it's gone forever.

When it comes to vehicular power, I prefer the idea of alternative fuels. A few years ago, GM entered into an agreement with a company called Consaka to develop a cellulosic ethanol that didn't require expensive enzyme cracking. The process described in their press releases from four years ago indicated that they could make fuel-grade ethanol that would retail for less than $1/gallon. However, there's been nearly no news about this development since about 2007, and that makes me sad. Ethanol has been used as race fuel for 50 years or more and has been the fuel of choice in Brazil for some years now. (in Brazil, they make it out of sugar cane because they have thousands of tons of sugar cane that would otherwise be wasted if it wasn't made into fuel)

What does cellulosic ethanol mean? Well, it means that we could effectively make fuel from waste. Corn waste, wheat chaff, waste products from paper productions, old tires, and landfill waste could be thrown into the vat with Consaka's proprietary bacteria and refined into fuel. There's no shortage of trash on our planet and the idea of cheap 100+octane fuel, produced at local refineries situated at paper plants and landfills gives the hoon in me a great deal of hope.

Sure, there are some reliability issues that we would need to work out but the automotive technology is already here.

So I say "meh" to hybrids. Bring on the alcohol.