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The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: A Ford Fusion Hybrid In Honest-Abe Drag

Illustration for article titled The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: A Ford Fusion Hybrid In Honest-Abe Drag

Ford is delaying the release of fuel-economy numbers on the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid in order to trick us into writing about it twice. We're not fooled: It's essentially a badge-engineered Ford Fusion Hybrid, so it'll probably get 39 mpg combined.


There's really not much to say about the MKZ Hybrid other the fact that it's identical to both that Fusion and the Mercury Milan Hybrid. If you're really into boring mid-size faux luxury sedans, may we suggest getting a life? If that doesn't work, just read our Fusion Hybrid review and use a dry erase marker to cross out Ford and write "Lincoln" on your computer screen.


Aside from the baleen, the only difference other than price is going to be the SmartGauge with EcoGuide that will grow white apple blossoms instead of the Ford's green leaves in response to demonstrating your long-term fuel economy. Yeah, that totally justifies a whole ‘nother model.

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Jonathan Harper

I think I learned about this in algebra, but opposite.

I'm pretty sure I learned that you can combine like terms. Ford, Lincoln, Mercury...simplify please!