The 2015 Lincoln Navigator Fools You With Modern Architecture

It appears the 2015 Lincoln Navigator has broken through the various automotive press quarantines, and now it is open season for the sarcastic journalist folk and anyone with an asshole opinion to shit all over LiMoCo's Escalade-wannabe. Great, let's begin. » 1/30/14 7:45am 1/30/14 7:45am

Woman driving SUV hits 16 vehicles, utility pole

In what the local media is calling a "bizarre" accident, a 62 year-old woman driving a black Lincoln Navigator (pictured) in downtown Mississauga, Ontario during the evening rush hour crashed into 16 other vehicles like some automotive pinball, finally coming to rest when she hit a pole. Luckily, no one was seriously… » 10/27/13 5:53pm 10/27/13 5:53pm

Luxury For Pyramid Builders: The 1998 Lincoln Navigator

After reading this New York Times piece about ten-year venture-capital profit numbers finally catching up with the Dot-Com Bust, the first thing to come to mind was… the original Lincoln Navigator! » 2/06/10 5:00pm 2/06/10 5:00pm

Strung-Out America Demands More Big SUVs, Ford Happy To Resupply

Ford announced yesterday that Dearborn intends to boost SUV production to support surging demand. Convince them to downsize? Nah, just feed their addiction to landbarges they don't need. Thank you, short-sighted American consumers, for your hard-earned monies. [Motor Trend] » 1/13/10 1:00pm 1/13/10 1:00pm

Ohio Court Rules Against Ticketing Cars That Look Or Sound Like They’re…

An Ohio appeals court has ruled that tickets can't be issued based on a car looking or sounding like it's speeding. The decision comes after real American hero Daniel Freitag fought a ticket issued because his Lincoln Navigator sounded fast. » 12/14/09 3:00pm 12/14/09 3:00pm

Lincoln Navigator: A Dinosaur on Murder Mile

Few cars are as close in proportion to actual dinosaurs as the Lincoln Navigator, a relic of a bygone era of dirt-cheap gasoline and the insatiable appetite for infinite cupholders. We found this one on London's "Murder Mile." » 6/09/09 5:45pm 6/09/09 5:45pm

Man Sticks Finger In Gas Tank, Gets Stuck For Four Hours

When Victor Harris put his fingers into his Lincoln Navigator's fuel filler to retrieve a piece of paper which had fallen in, his finger got stuck. Really stuck. Four hours stuck. Call for help stuck. » 3/30/09 1:00pm 3/30/09 1:00pm

Lincoln Navigator Gets Sync Option, Ford Focus Not Included

For all those fans of the Microsoft Sync system not willing to strap into a Ford Focus to get it, rejoice and be glad, for now you can get it dealer installed in your new Lincoln Navigator. The announcement came today from the glass house that the luxo-barge will get the hand free all-in-one communication and… » 5/01/08 6:20pm 5/01/08 6:20pm