The Amazing Restorations Jay Leno's Team Is Currently Working On

If you visit a car museum like the Petersen or the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, once you put your jaw back to its place, start wondering what’s going on in the background, because at such establishments, they sure as hell can’t wait for a restoration to finish before the next one starts. Jay Leno seems to… »8/12/15 12:30pm8/12/15 12:30pm

Jay Leno Donates Huge 'Perk' To The Petersen

Jay Leno, the world’s highest-profile “car guy,” included the Petersen Automotive Museum in his most recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. The show covered the museum’s rare 1948 Davis Divan and the quest to restore it via the Indiegogo crowdfunding website. To help reach The Petersen’s goal of raising $30,000, Jay… »5/08/15 1:14pm5/08/15 1:14pm