Check Out All Of The Amazing Restorations Jay Leno's Team Is Currently Working On

Every now and then, Jay Leno is letting us peek behind the scenes so we can see what’s cooking in what is most likely to be the best garage in the world. It’s always a feast of weird and wonderful, like a 1914 electric car made of wood managing a Tesla’s worth of power, or a vintage motorcycle.

There are garage masters, and then there’s Jay Leno and his massive crew. I mean, our very own Tavarish is a magician for sure, and David won’t be stopped by a major engine failure either, but if I ended up with Freddy’s dodgy Porsche 944 Turbo, I would literally start crying (despite owning a rare classic myself.) Jay Leno, however has the means to do this the right way.


Electric hot rodders, fast and rare Cunninghams, beautiful Broughs motorbikes, a perfectly original early Porsche 911 or a supercharged Mercedes-Benz 600; you name it, Jay has it all... under construction.

Which is your favorite Jay Leno project so far? The king of denim shirts sure has a lot on his belt.

Photo credit: Jay Leno’s Garage


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Jay Leno (the garage owner and denim enthusiast) is what I would turn into if I ever happened to stumble upon a billion dollars. He’s easily the best gearhead around due to the breadth of his collection, his obvious interest in everything mechanical and his willingness to talk about it on youtube.