Jay Leno Took A Rally Rav4 Through The LA River And Paradise Cove Beach

Rally driver Ryan Millen met up with Jay Leno, with the pair taking a rally-spec Toyota Rav4 through the very dry Los Angeles River, and then on to the beach at Paradise Cove.


The latest Jay Leno’s Garage adventure started out in the Arizona desert, where Leno met Champion Rally Driver Ryan Millen and his rally-spec Rav 4. Millen comes from a family of motorsport drivers, with his father Rod Millen most notably racing in everything from hill-climb racing at Pike’s Peak to Trophy Truck Baja races.

Once Jay takes over, Ryan is taken for a ride through Los Angeles, first on the famous (and empty) banks of the LA River, and then the surprisingly populated Paradise Cove Beach.

Does retired Jay Leno get to do whatever he wants, wherever he wants? Apparently. Do I mind? No.

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Tom McParland

And proves my point once again that any and every car can be made better by turning it into a rally car.