How About A 1967 Ford Fairlane With 650 Horses And Active Aero?

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One can tune up a 1960s Ford Fairlane in many ways, and Pure Vision Designs felt their ‘67 had to turn into a NASCAR prototype that never was with 650+ horses and an eight foot timing chain. Now you can watch Jay Leno take it for a spin.

This thing is loud, and will certainly remain loud even once they manage to put some mufflers on it. The fact is that if you use Ford’s all-aluminum SOHC V8—the engine that powered everything from Shelbys to racing boats and dragsters—car alarms will be set off as you drive by. Good thing it’s going to Texas.


The amount of work Stephen Strope and his crew put into this Fairlane project is pretty astonishing. While everything remained Ford, the frame was cut and bent, torsion bars were hidden behind the metal and the whole engine bay was cleaned up.

Pure Vision Designs’ “what if” prototype also comes with fiberglass bumpers, an active air brake and what felt like more than a Hellcat’s power output to Jay Leno’s bottom:

If you think the Mustang is tiny, you know what to do: Get a Fairlane, and put Miura wheels on it. They work.

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Good to see non-mustang Classic fords getting love. I always loved a well done fairlane or Galaxy. They are kind of the forgotten dark horses of the muscle era. Perhaps I’m a bit biased though; I have a 68 hardtop....