If you’re getting fed up with Batmobiles getting bigger and bigger with every new movie, here’s the street-legal Darth Vader car from Hot Wheels’ Star Wars collection with Jay Leno acting as the Sith Lord.


We all know Darth Vader was more of TIE Advanced guy while his son was practicing on Landspeeders before jumping into his Incom T-65 X-wing, but Hot Wheels thought they better build him a proper tribute car as well in case the Empire discovers time travel.


Based on the C6 Corvette, this heavily modified one-off packs a proper rally handbrake, custom wheels, a real lightsaber from the original trilogy and something that resembles Darth Vader’s brain behind your seat. It also sounds like its intake is having breathing issues.

After making it to Comic-Con and traveling all over the world, Hot Wheels’ parked Billy Hammon’s fourteenth working prototype at Jay Leno’s Garage.

Tiny toy cars are cool, but driving a real working example in California takes the game to a whole new level.

Photo credit: Jay Leno’s Garage


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