The Corvette Stingray is a fantastic sports car, but it is a bit common. That issue is easily solved by the Callaway Aerowagon conversion that adds sexy shooting-brake style and a little more practicality for only $15,000.


Reeves Callaway has been modifying and tuning up Corvettes and other vehicles for decades. The most famous of which is probably the C4 Sledgehammer, the one with massive turbos that topped out at 245 mph.

Currently, Callaway has tuning programs for all kinds of GM models from Corvettes, Camaros and even pumping up a Silverado to 540 horsepower.

However, the Aerowagon is Callaway’s first project that focuses more on aesthetics than raw power. In the latest Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay talks with Reeves Callaway about his need to make something faster and different, then Jay gets behind the wheel of Callaway’s most recent creation.

I kind of want one now.

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