Don't Touch the Hair: "Travolta Fever" Custom Trans Am on eBay

Not long after L. Ron Hubbard got John Travolta's thetans on a silver platter, the New Jersey-born actor starred in a little movie about dancing around like a putz. It was called Saturday Night Fever, and it became a multimedia, pop-culture phenomenon that launched both his career and that of the Bee Gees into the… » 11/09/07 11:30am 11/09/07 11:30am

Here We Come...Rollin' Down The Street...The Monkeemobile!

As a child, we loved two things: musclecars (especially GTOs and B-Body Mopars) and the Monkees. In fact, the first rock show we ever saw was the non-Nesmith reunion lineup on tour with "Weird Al" Yankovic in the summer of 1987. Lack of Mr. Woolhat not withstanding (we're still big Mike Nesmith fans, by the way), the… » 8/08/06 4:00pm 8/08/06 4:00pm

You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Schtupps You in a Mercury: Dean Martin's…

Before there was Carmen Electra, there was Stella Stevens. Bit-part-playing, Playboy-posing, celebrity-sexing Stevens was a favorite among male movie fans, who rewarded her nudity-intensive approach to getting famous by making her a major pinup of the time. In 1966, she starred in "The Silencers" with Rat Pack… » 7/19/06 11:24am 7/19/06 11:24am

Dad, Can I Borrow the Rod?: Cars of Famous TV Fathers is celebrating Father's Day by examining the cars of some famous TV fathers. While we'd always been partial to Mike Brady's seemingly endless selection of Mopar convertibles, we hadn't considered Ward Cleaver's similar proclivities, of the Plymouth sedan variety, or Al Bundy's '72 Dart (what else would… » 6/13/06 10:08am 6/13/06 10:08am