This is the Voxmobile, a two-seat roadster commissioned by Vox, the audio equipment manufacturer, and built by roadster customizing mastermind, George Barris. Vox, being an audio company, didn't let Barris skimp on the audio accessories on this roadster. Hell, the entire thing is one giant audio accessory, really.

The Voxmobile is essentially a giant amplifier that can support to up 32 guitars. It also includes a Vox organ in the rear, five 12-inch speakers, one 18-inch bass speaker, four tweeters. It also has two main drive speakers that sit atop the roadster's intake manifold. The $30,000 machine was designed for promotion purposes and, we're guessing, made even better noises with its Ford Cobra 289 powerplant. [Barris via Bornrich]