This Documentary Celebrates 73 Years Of The Batmobile

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The first Batmobile debuted in a 1939 Batman comic, and over the decades, the cars have become more and more complex and fantastic.

In its various iterations, the Batmobile has been slightly modified passenger vehicle and futuristic military crawler, but they've all had one thing in common: They helped the Caped Crusader catch the baddies.

A new documentary film about batmobiles, set to debut this winter, features interviews with Batman filmmakers Chris Nolan, Joel Schumacher and Tim Burton. A couple of Batmen get a chance to talk as well, from TV's original Batman, Adam West, to Dark Knight Christian Bale. The film's producers also get a few words from George Barris, who aside from being a character in his own right, created the 1960s Batmobile West drove around on camera for several years.


Seeing West looking almost cool in a pair of shades and an argyle sweater makes one wonder why he was always such a nerdy Batman ("No, ah, thank you. I, ah, never use tobacco products, ah, of any kind).

Regardless of your taste in style, the Batmobile used in the Dark Knight series is the most impressive. That's because it's real. The thing really crashes through walls and rolls over cars. If the Pentagon hasn't been looking at it as a viable transportation option for the army and marine corps, maybe they should.

Although many Comic-Con attendees saw a special preview of the documentary, everyone else will have to wait a few months to check it out. Watch the trailer below.

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Online