Dartz Is Making Baby Seats That Protect Your Kid From Assasination

You know, a lot of baby seat manufacturers talk a big game when it comes to safety. And sure, maybe they help out in a car wreck, but if you have an important baby — an influential baby — a car wreck is the least of your worries. Luckily, our pals at Dartz are here to help, with the only bulletproof baby seat around. »6/26/15 11:59am6/26/15 11:59am


Come To Our Q&A With The Head Madman At DARTZ Tomorrow At Noon

Over the years at Jalopnik, we've poked plenty of fun at Dartz, the people who introduced the world to whale penis leather and genuinely bonkers standards of opulent lunacy. But deep down, I've always respected how far they push things. If you're going to do something, may as well go all out, and Dartz does just that. »3/10/15 8:30pm3/10/15 8:30pm

A Good Day To Die Hard Will Be Full Of Mercedes Vans And Trucks

Hollywood loves to disguise Budapest by adding a few extra Ladas parked on the streets, with fake communist monuments in the background and blue street signs everywhere to make it look like Moscow. Since it's a much nicer experience to shoot a movie here than over in Russia, that's exactly what they did once again… »1/25/13 9:30am1/25/13 9:30am

Would You Pay $750,000 For The Dictator's Pam Anderson-Approved SUV?

Sasha Baron Cohen's new flick The Dictator features the titular character driving around in a gold-plated armored SUV built by the Vodka enthusiasts at Latvian truck-maker Dartz. To celebrate the tie-up, Dartz announced a $750,000 version of their battle truck called the "Gold Aladeen Edition" after Cohen's fictitious… »4/23/12 2:00pm4/23/12 2:00pm