In Post-Apocalyptic Russia, Putin Stars In Die Hard, Everything Explodes

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Ever over-the-top creator of military-grade luxury trucks Dartz has seen fit to create this masterpiece of Vladimir Putin as John McClane of Die Hard, one of their six-wheeled G-Wagens wearing casino-rug carpet camo, and general total-war chaos.

Here's the whole image, because who am I to deprive you of that?


Otherwise, Dartz is up to their usual shenanigans. They're hoping to expand the appeal of their Die Hard style G-Wagen by offering some new color schemes, and went ahead and sprayed some baseball bats in matching livery.

If you have to ask, you're obviously not their target demographic. Same goes for the price tag.


Break the legs of delinquent borrowers and then hang it up on your wall!


I think this is meant to be a lunch box?


Somebody must be buying this stuff... the company has been around forever. Your speculation on how it could be used is welcome!

Image: Dartz

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