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Remember that Mercedes G 63 AMG 6x6 we saw dressed up like an evil Tonka Truck, peeking out of a jet plane? It was built by Russian luxo-warmachine factory "Dartz" for a customer who wanted them to recreate the 6-wheeled monster military truck from Die Hard 5.

You won't remember Die Hard 5: A Good Day To Die Hard for the dialogue ('cept for that "yippee ki yay mother Russia" zinger) but the over-armored grey MRAP that defied the laws of physics for one drawn-out, car-flattening, havoc-wreaking scene of mayhem made it almost worth the price of admission. Almost.

Yep, that one.

In the exact words of Dartz:

Owner "bad boy" from one of Latin countries wanna to get smaaall Die Hard 5 style "MRAP".


And who were they to deny such a request? Dartz actually built the very MRAP "stunt car" that was featured in the movie, so they probably had a couple cans of battleship grey paint lying around, and they're always keen to slap some armor on something.

Here's a closer look at the truck from the movie. It is in Hungarian... but at least you get to peek around the rig's systems. Note: I've been told the movie trucks were built in Hungary, and "Moscow" was shot in Budapest.

As for the G-Wagen replica:



Dartz didn't mention what they charged the customer to create this monsterpiece and ship it around the world, or what (if any) performance modifications have been made. Probably "a lot" and "not many," respectively. But they did say they're hoping to build a lot more movie-replica vehicles... so you might have just found our outfit to build your knock-off new batmobile.


Images: Dartz, Die Hard 5