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Over the years at Jalopnik, we've poked plenty of fun at Dartz, the people who introduced the world to whale penis leather and genuinely bonkers standards of opulent lunacy. But deep down, I've always respected how far they push things. If you're going to do something, may as well go all out, and Dartz does just that.


I've had the pleasure of talking with Leonard F. Yankelovich recently, the man behind Dartz, and I've found him charming and really friendly and engaging. I'm pretty certain we can all think of things to ask about Dartz, so we'll have him on at noon tomorrow to answer your questions, describe hanging out with Dennis Rodman, give vodka-chugging tips, and tell you how amazing whale penis leather feels against your cheek.


I'll be asking him about the Beetles and Zaporozetses they've customized. This'll be fun.

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