Ask The Guy Behind Crazy Ultra-Luxury SUV Maker Dartz Anything

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Leonard F. Yankelovich just told me his title at Dartz was 'RFE' — Responsible for Everything. He also asked me, several times, if it was okay for him to post NSFW pictures in here. I said yes. So, get ready for what may likely be the bonkers-est Q&A we've ever had.

We all know that Dartz makes the Prombron, very likely the world's most opulent, over-the-top, unhinged and absurd-yet-amazing SUV. But you may not have realized that Leonard (and Dartz) have been doing crazy things with cars for years — monster Zaporozetses and mutated Beetles and all sorts of incredible, insane stuff.


So, ask away! Ask about whale penis leather! Ask about vodka! Ask about crazy things famous people have had him make! If there was ever a time to go nuts in one of these, this is it.


So, everyone, let's welcome Leonard. He's one of us, just maybe more insane and with the resources to do what we only imagine and then laugh off.

Ask away.

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Jason Torchinsky

So, I alluded to this in the post, but I want to ask, officially: tell us about that monster Zaporozets and your Beetle projects from way back! How, why, all that. Were they just for fun, or did someone actually order those? And thanks for coming out!