Announcing The 2013 Jalopnik Contest: The Big Year (of Cars)

The Jalopnik Mainframe, safely located in its airtight pod 75 feet below Gabe Kaplan's Hollywood Hills hot tub, has been working overtime for me, processing an algorithm telling me what the average Jalopnik reader loves more than anything. This morning, my Telex' bell clanged, announcing that I finally had my answer: »3/20/13 4:22pm3/20/13 4:22pm

Win the Ken Block Hot Wheels car you won't find in stores on Black Friday

Ever wanted to have Ken Block's Gymkhana-tested Ford Fiesta Monster Rally car? Yeah, us too. But you can't have it. So here's the next best thing — an opportunity to win one of three just-released-today Ken Block Fiesta Hot Wheels cars — including one you won't be able to buy today... because they already sold out! »11/25/11 2:30pm11/25/11 2:30pm