Malaysia Airlines' "Ultimate Bucket List" Contest Is Tragically Dumb

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As I wrote last week, Malaysia Airlines is burning through cash at the rate of about $2 million per day. This week they hosted a "My Ultimate Bucket List" contest hoping to lure customers back to the airline. Maybe it's not just bad luck, maybe Malaysian Airlines is also truly awful.

A "bucket list" refers to a list of things you'd like to do, or places you want to see before you die. And for an airline involved in the deaths of 537 passengers and crew this year, the contest name was an incredibly poor choice, or at the very least, unfortunate timing. I'd suggest that airlines would want to avoid any language that brings death to mind.


The airline faced criticism immediately via social media, as a result of the poor naming choice. For the opportunity to win a round-trip coach ticket and an iPad, participants were asked to write a 500 word essay, describing "What and where would you like to tick off on your bucket list, and explain why." They have since swapped in "to-do list" in exchange for the bucket list.

Top photo: Malaysian soldiers unload the remains of passengers from MH17 (Associated Press)

Source: The Telegraph

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Malaysia Air Bucket List:

1. Banktruptcy

2. Lose a plane

3. Get shot down

4. Fly high