Four Strokes In Four Strokes: A Contest!

So, I had a weird idea. And, like with pretty much every weird idea I have that’s not too obscene and sort of automotive-related, I’m sharing it with you: what if I drew four-stroke car engines using only four strokes? Well, we needn’t wonder any more, because I tried it.

I picked four well-known four-stroke car engines and, yes, drew them in four simple strokes. I tried to keep the strokes not too long and not too complex – think gestural strokes, not an attempt at a contour drawing. Sort of calligraphic.


To have some very, very mild fun with this, want to see if you can guess what engine I was trying to draw? Of course you do. Let me know your guesses in the comments and I’ll confirm the answers at midnight, EST, if I manage to remember. Or tomorrow. Eventually.

Winner gets a lingering, creepy hug from the Jalop of their choice, location permitting!

Here you go:


Good luck!

1. GM LS3 V8 2. VW flat-4 Type I 3. AMC I6 4. Citroën 2CV Flat-twin 5. Yamaha/Ford SHO

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