I once won my grade’s Easter-themed coloring contest in Elementary school. Why? Because I was the only one who used Easter colors. Anyway, Italdesign is holding a coloring contest of-sorts for its V10 off-road Parcour supercar concept that debuted three years ago. Go get your crayon box.


The Parcour supercar, which is named after a sport you’d recognize if you’ve ever seen a Jason Bourne or (Daniel Craig) Bond movie, is a V10 off-roading supercar that blew our minds at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Audi later re-skinned it into something called the Nanuk.

Anywho, Italdesign is reminding everyone the Parcour exists with a livery design contest. That’s right, this is like the car-equivalent of an opportunity to do Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s makeup. The winner gets to see their livery on the real car at the Valentino Park Lounge & Grand Prix event in Turin, Italy. They also get two tickets to the Italdesign Family Night Party. It sounds, as the kids say, “lit.”

You can get more contest details over on Italdesign’s web page.

Go for it. Tell us if you win. Good luck!

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