Top Gear USA Hosts Tempt Death By Corvair, Pinto And Samurai

Here's a a pair of exclusive photos from the set of next Tuesday's apple pie-flavored Top Gear on History, which reveal the boys will attempt to drive three infamous "dangerous cars" to the death: a Corvair, a Pinto, and a Samurai. Our money's on the Corvair.

It's hard to tell who is driving what from the photos, but I think the last time we saw Tanner Foust he mentioned he'd driven a Samurai at some point during the season. The Suzuki, of course, was famous for rolling over (a reputation that's a bit misleading). It was a blow to the brand they've never recovered from.


A bright red Corvair screams Adam Ferrara who is, if you've ever watched the show, clearly unsafe at any speed. That leaved our dear bearded friend Rutledge Wood to pilot the Pinto. Rutledge is not a hipster, but a Pinto is a kind of alt choice.

For Rut's sake, if he's driving it, I hope this whole trend of stuffing fireworks in the back of whatever he's in doesn't continue. Whoever is driving the Pinto was at least smart enough to modify the vehicle to provide some level of safety.


The rest of the episode, we hear from our sources (i.e. an email provided to us from BBC PR), will include Fat Tony in a small car and Rutledge trying to "teach Adam that it's possible to drive a car without breaking it by getting him behind the wheel of one of the quickest, most dangerous vehicles around."

Any guesses as to what that might be? I honestly don't know.

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